Our Story


Let the spirit of the mongoose meet your dark spirits and discover a new way to mix

Lucky are those who cross paths with a mongoose, or so the saying goes…

According to Caribbean folklore, it’s lucky when a long-tailed mongoose crosses your path. Like these naturally curious creatures, we think our mixers offer a little luck to those who dare to be different.


Our Story

We are Alex and Tom, two friends with a shared passion for dark spirits. On our travels we fell for the amazing flavours and cultures that come with drinking dark spirits. Wanting to explore and find alternative pairings for our favourite spirits, we decided to investigate new and exciting mixers. 

Disappointed with what was available to accompany drinks such as rums, whiskies and bourbons, we set about creating our own mixers. We wanted to find the balance in mixers that are fresh, but not overpowering, invigorating, but not over-sweetened, and to produce drinks that harmonise with dark spirits, rather than mask their unique flavours. Through experimentation and discovery, we’ve tailored our mixers to accompany, but most importantly, complement, dark spirit flavours. 

Long Tail mixers offer you something different, something crafted especially for drinking with dark spirits that you can enjoy again and again. We want to bring more choice and fresh flavours for your mixers, to create a new experience with every drink.

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